For over a century,

CLP has grown hand-in-hand with Hong Kong.

"A Century of Power" chronicles CLP’s contribution to the economic and social development of this beautiful city we call home and other markets in Asia Pacific where we operate. Produced by acclaimed filmmaker Elaine Forsgate Marden, the documentary recounts the CLP story and our long standing commitment to the communities we serve through valuable old photographs and oral history interviews, along with interviews and footage shot in Hong Kong, Mainland China, India and Australia over the past two years.

Chairman, CLP Holdings

History provides the basis of our shared heritage, culture and values. It helps us appreciate our past and shapes our future. "A Century of Power" records the history of CLP, which mirrors Hong Kong’s growth and prosperity. Hong Kong has been home to my family for almost 140 years. We have been warmly welcomed and given an opportunity to prosper here. In return it has always been our belief in making a contribution to the social and economic well-being of our fellow citizens. I hope we can all learn more about Hong Kong and CLP through this informative documentary and be inspired to build a better home for the generations to come.

Executive Producer

In 1979 I was invited by Lord Lawrence Kadoorie, then Chairman of China Light & Power, to make a historical documentary about CLP entitled "Power to Grow". Since then Hong Kong and CLP have seen enormous growth and development. So when Sir Michael Kadoorie asked me to create "A Century of Power", I anticipated an exciting and challenging journey!

The production team travelled across China, India, Australia and of course Hong Kong, utilising the latest digital film techniques including specialist drones in remote and inaccessible areas. Making a film is teamwork, and the archive film collection has been a vital part of this documentary.

We all enjoyed the challenge and I hope that you will find the film interesting and informative.

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A complete version of the documentary that encapsulates the key moments in CLP's 116 years of development in Hong Kong and abroad as well as our humble contribution to the communities we serve.

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Hong Kong is where our roots are. We invite you to take a look at our story from a home perspective.

Mainland China was CLP’s first external market outside Hong Kong. This special edition tells the history of CLP from a Chinese perspective.

CLP has been a major player in India’s energy sector since the 1990s. Learn more about our involvement in this market from an Indian perspective.

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English / Mandarin
English / Hindi